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The state of the art Thermo King Super-Freezer

Thermo King Super-Freezer, te koop bij ContainerID Antwerpen Antwerpen

Our trusted partner Thermo King launched another unique solution. We as ContainerID are proud to have a vital role in its logistical process. Thermo King developed a refrigerated container that can provide a constant temperature of -70°C, the so-called Super-freezer.

They are perfectly suited to support the logistical side of the Covid-19 vaccines. These highly specialized reefers will play an indispensable role in many of the logistics behind the vaccines.

The Super Freezer has been used for some time now. The unit was initially developed for the transportation of fresh fish, mainly Japanese tuna. At first, the Super-Freezers were able to reach -60°C. Thermo King is the only manufacturer that offers units, that can reach these temperatures and maintain them constantly.

Today, 90% of all Super freezer are exclusively used for the transportation of fresh fish. An even more interesting fact is, that they freeze the fish during transportation. This removes the need to have the fish frozen before their long journey starts.

With the arrival of the virus, which is very much present today, followed by the vaccines. The logistical side of the entire vaccination story also had to be considered. How are we going to transport these vaccines and keep them ice-cold? Dry ice is the only solution, was said repeatedly. But we want to prove the opposite!

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has to be stored between -60°C and -80°C. Once the vaccine reaches just -25 degrees, it can only be kept for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Refreezing a vaccine at -60°C after it has been heated, is not an option and affects its effectiveness.

To ensure effectiveness, these vaccines must be kept and transported at a constant temperature of -70°C. To achieve this, Thermo King has made a serious update to their well-known SuperFreezer. Thermo King now guarantees the possibility of freezing down to -70°C in a 20ft or smaller reefer. Giving true meaning to Super in the Super-Freezer name.

In the meantime, a large number of Super-Freezers have arrived at the Antwerp based depot. Both loose machinery units, as well as full reefers, are available at our premises. This strategic stock is provided to quickly supply the European continent with these peerless refrigerated containers.

Read about vaccine storage possibilities in our previous post.

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