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Storage solution COVID-19 vaccins

ContainerID COVID-19 Vaccin opslag door coldchain en Thermo King superfreezers

Are you looking for a storage place or transport method for the COVID-19 vaccines? ContainerID is there to assist you as an authorised supplier.

Due to the extraordinary conditions at which the vaccines have to be transported and stored, we anticipated that the demand for refrigeration and freezing capacity would increase enormously. A cold-chain solution is needed to guarantee that the transport and the vaccines' storage could take place without interruption.

Stack of Thermo King Super Freezer on ContainerID Antwerp Depot

ContainerID, a division of ICTC, is a supplier of certified reefers and freezer containers, we can also offer you these cool and freezer boxes immediately from stock. recently more than 100 such freezers (going down to -70°C!!) units arrived at our Antwerp depot. Today we have 20ft and 10ft Thermo King Super-Freezer available.

We also specialise in reefer containers able to reach less extreme temperatures (-40°C up to +40°C). We offer both brand new and second-hand equipment. In addition to purchasing them, there are also options to rent or lease these boxes. With an option to purchase for the residual value at the end of the leasing contract.

Interested? do not hesitate to contact us for any further question or information.

ContainerID logo division of ICTC nv Antwerp

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