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In need of a temporary bar or restaurant? We can help you!

In recent years, at ContainerID we have modified multiple bars out of raw sea containers. Always fully customised and according to the wishes of our beloved customers.

One of our latest projects was given the working title "hamburger container". A 20ft sea container completely converted into a stunning hamburger and sandwich bar/restaurant, set up in the middle of a dynamic industrial zone in Antwerp.

ContainerID Take-away Hamburger sandwich bar restaurant tailor made 20ft shipping container

Everything in this container is made to measure for the cooking devices to fit perfectly. Even the cabinets were custom welded. To finish up, we introduced plywood on the counters, covered it with stainless steel and placed black anti-slip mats on the container floor. All this to guarantee easy maintenance.

binnenkant take-away zeecontainer met electriciteit maatwerk kasten en werktafel

You don't need to worry about the electric setup either. We have experienced electricians who are happy to pull some cables, install electrical boxes and provide lighting, ...

ContainerID work in progress blauwe zeecontainer vakmanschap en ervaren laswerk

And of course, the sea container didn't look that nice when we started working on the hamburger bar. Our experienced welders, technicians and spray painters ensured that every container ends up looking like a diamond.

In this case, we started from a blue sea container and converted it into a beautiful black unit with a pearl interior.

Broodjes & Burgers container project op maat gemaakt door ContainerID Antwerpen

You would be amazed at what you can do with a sea container or reefer. Moreover, we are happy to introduce you to some more of our recent projects in our upcoming blogs.

Would you like extra information for your own project? Please contact us. We are happy to help set up your own project!

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