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Gensets - a must have for reefer container transport

When we visit transporters, they often ask us why they need a genset to do their job properly. This particular question will be answered in this week's blog post.

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Why a genset?

A genset stand short for a generator set. The main purpose is to provide power for refrigerated containers (reefers). Reefers are shipping containers with an integrated refrigeration unit. This refrigeration unit needs electrical power to be operational. Thanks to the genset, cooling can be provided at all times.

Reefers are used for (inter)national transport or storage and often contain goods that must remain at a certain temperature. Examples are fresh food, medication, etc.

Gensets are needed for transport with continuous temperature control (both cooling, freezing, and heating).

Onboard a ship, reefers are connected to the ship's power supply, but when the container comes ashore there is no longer a fixed supply of power. How can we ensure that the cold chain remains unbroken? You can hear us coming... With the help of the generator set of course! This way, the cooling unit is permanently supplied with power and the reefer container can be transported to its destination without any interruption in its temperatures.

How does a genset work?

A genset is driven by a motor that runs on fuel. Mostly on diesel but also, petrol and gas are used. During the haul, the genset's fuel engine is used to autonomously generate electricity.

The engine of a truck is not strong enough to provide power for both the truck and the reefer unit. For this reason, the use of a genset is a great solution!

Two types of gensets

You have gensets that you place on the chassis of the truck (Underslung gensets) and gensets that you attach to the corner casts of the container itself (clip-on gensets).

ThermoKing has two underslung model gensets in Europe. The SGSM3000e is the side mount. It is mounted on the side of the trailer. The SGCM is the centre mount and is mounted at the bottom in the middle of the trailer. The container is then placed on the chassis and connected to the generator.

The advantage of the SGSM and SGCM 3000e is that they can be mounted on the chassis. Therefore, they do not have to be dismantled when changing reefers. A small downside is that you are a little less flexible in your transports.

If you are transporting a reefer, it is advisable to always use the chassis to which a genset has been fitted so as not to interrupt the cold chain.

Thermoking clip-on genset on a ContainerID reefer container

The advantage of an SGCO (clip-on) 3000e is that it is very flexible to install, and you are not dependent on the chassis. You can attach it to the corners of the reefer utilizing an easy pin connection, and you can click it off the reefer when the genset is no longer needed to cool the reefer.

Buy or rent?

Ok, by now you are definitely convinced by the usefulness of a genset. Your priority is the state of your cargo and for this reason, you want it to remain correctly cooled during the long hauls.

But are you considering buying or renting this genset?

ContainerID is a dealer of ThermoKing gensets. When you buy a genset, you get at least a 2-year guarantee on the device and this can be extended to 5 years, provided that you pay an additional amount.

We keep a large stock of gensets per model at all times, so we can guarantee quick deliveries of the generators. Feel free to ask us the price of your preferred model: SGSM, SGCM or SGCO 3000e.

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Do you prefer to rent? That's possible too! We rent out the Clip-On models and have a large fleet of second-hand generator sets that we use for, medium- and long-term rentals.

Do you wish to rent a different model/Brand than the SGCO? We are also happy to use brand new units for long term rental to be able to help our customers. Let us know which project you need a genset for and for how long. This way, you have a brand new genset at your disposal and nothing to worry about. We will be happy to provide you with an offer.

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