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ContainerID Shippingcontainers at Camping Belgica

YES!!! StuBru is back with a trendy summer concept, Camping Belgica.

Another summer without big festivals? No panic, as Studio Brussel has once again come up with a fully-fledged alternative and will be celebrating the summer on their own turf. Say HELLO to Camping Belgica! A temporary oasis of good music and summer vibes. Every night several DJ's will blast their soundtracks inside one of the radio-studio containers, developed by ourselves. Well-known DJ's such as Netsky, Aeroplane, The Flexican, Faisal, Audiowave, Nick Bril, Amber Broos and many more will be performing in our containers!

Would you like to spot these special radio studio containers yourself? Drive down to Verbeke Foundation, where they are stationed this summer. located on a remote and idyllic location. We must admit, the steel containers are shining beautifully!!

From hip-hop to soul, house, disco, reggae and dance: everything that sounds hot to our ears and can be combined with a fresh drink or meat on the barbecue will be played at the event. Those drinks and snacks are also served in a container bar supplied by ContainerID– carried out in only a few days. We go through fire, for fun projects like these and are extremely proud of the results.

Daily, famous guests are hosted to choose favourite records at Camping Belgica. Invites such as Ella Leyers, Bart Peeters, Alexander De Croo, Compact Disk Dummies, Xavier Taveirne, Viktor Verhulst, Zwangere Guy, Aster Nzeyimana, Flip Kowlier, Imke Courtois, Faberyayo and ...! Thank you Studio Brussel for providing a nice summer and thank you for the great collaboration via STND.be

Also interested in a trendy modified sea container? Contact us quickly and view the endless possibilities on our website: ContainerID.be

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