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9 reasons why a reefer container is the perfect storage place

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

White refigirater container, reefer for storage. lifted by a forklift at containerID depot Antwerp

What is a reefer container?

A reefer, short for reefer container, is also known as a refrigerated container.

Although the name may cause some confusion, reefers can also operate for heating purposes. Moreover, it can maintain a constant temperature between -40°C and +35°C, depending on the type of machinery. This means a reefer does not only cool but also heats when necessary. They are perfectly equipped for the transport and storage of all sorts of perishables and medical products.

Thermo King Magnum plus. Reefer container at ContainerID antwerp, cold store solution

A reefer is a well-isolated container, equipped with a unit that facilitates the flow of cool and warm air. The main unit manufacturers for reefers are Thermo King, Carrier, Dakin and Starcool. ContainerID sells mostly new Thermo King units. For second-hand units, we can supply all major manufacturers.

A reefer container is essential for the world's supply chain. But there are other uses too. For example, a great amount is used for (temporary) storage of food and beverages, during the festivals and other big events.

A refrigerated container is extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions and other external conditions such as regular movement by forklifts and cranes. Reefers are completely water-and windproof. The entire reefer box is also rust-resistant. This makes the choice of a reefer container a sustainable solution. A reefer can be in use for years without specific maintenance. In recent years, the use of (reefer) containers has increased significantly. which triggered an increase in container production year on year. This trend is called "Containerization".

white reefer containers, refrigerated container stack  containers stack for flexible storage, get tehm at containerID Antwerp, located in the port of Antwerp

9 reasons why a reefer container is a perfect storage place

  1. A reefer container is cost-effective. In comparison, the investment in a permanent cold storage solution is much more expensive than the rental or purchase of a reefer.

  2. Reefers are designed to be transported and/or moved quickly and efficiently.

  3. An efficient expansion solution, without sacrificing valuable space. Reefers can be placed (permanently) outside without any problem. They are also easily stackable on top of each other.

  4. Reefers are a modular solution. When there is a need for more storage space, a reefer can be added without problem, but it can also easily be removed when you no longer need it.

  5. A reefer is set up at a fraction of the time compared to a permanent cold storage solution. The reefer can be delivered immediately. Once delivered, all that is left to do is to plug it in, set the temperature and you're good to go.

  6. In need of seasonal storage during peak periods? Reefers can easily be rented during a harvest season for example. It can also serve as additional storage for supermarkets, restaurants, florists or catering companies during certain holidays.

  7. If you have a reefer fleet that contains at least 2 pieces, you can choose to store goods at different temperatures. Different temperatures can be set per specific reefer. This provides extra temperature flexibility for the stored goods.

  8. The casing or box is also ideal to use as a marketing tool. Stickers, banners, ... can be placed on a large flat surface to make extra visibility for your company or event.

  9. The reefer can also be modified according to any specific wishes. At ContainerID we have a team of highly skilled welders. Ready to tailor each project to your needs. Extra lighting, racks, hanging tubes, adapted doors, ... Everything is possible to have your reefer custom made for your 'cool' project.

Welding professional modifying a reefer container for storage adaptations. giving great modifications for you cold store

Our reefer in action

ContainerID storage reefer with fresh goods of the culinaire shop in depot Thirst Wilrijk

The Culinaire Shop is using a ContainerID 20ft reefer for additional storage. Due to the enormous growth in demand for gastronomic take-away meals (we don't have to tell you why), The Culinaire Shop needed a fast and flexible solution for keeping their delicious meals fresh before delivering.

ContainerID was able to deliver a quick and cost-saving solution to a demand for more storage. We delivered an extra 20ft reefer container onsite, which was in use the same day.

With a surface of 12.5 m² or 10 Euro pallets, there is enough space to provide all customers with fresh culinary meals.

ContainerID cold store storage container. storing fresh produce of The Culinaire Shop in depot Thrist Wilrijk

The Culinaire Shop decided to rent the reefer with a buying option. This way they can respond perfectly to today's uncertain and unpredictable situation.

Discover the possible solution for (cool) storage on ContainerID.be

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